Why You Should Get Your AC Serviced

ac repair

If your air conditioner makes strange noises, it’s time to repair it. It might be as simple as a lousy refrigerant leak or as complicated as a malfunctioning blower motor or electrical control system. You should contact a professional AC repair service as soon as possible.

The first thing an AC repair expert will do is check the thermostat. If the temperature is too high, the air conditioner may not get enough cold air. The compressor may have overheated, or the ducts could be leaking. Also, it may be emitting strange odors. These are signs of electrical wiring damage and should be checked by an AC repair service.

A failed air conditioner is very frustrating in the summertime, but it doesn’t mean you have to buy a new unit. Most air conditioner repairs only require replacing a single part. Fortunately, many of the parts are relatively inexpensive and easily accessible.

A simple AC repair may cost around $200 to $300. Typically, the problem stems from a bad circuit board, which controls the voltage and makes decisions about the AC’s operation. A faulty circuit board can make your air conditioner malfunction significantly and even cause your thermostat to read erroneous temperatures. The board can also be damaged by overloading or power failures. If the AC doesn’t start, there may be a few other causes, such as a broken motor or a blown fuse.

A well-maintained AC can last for many years. The average AC unit has a lifespan of 10 to 15 years. Whether you decide to fix it yourself or get it repaired can depend on a few key factors. For instance, the age of your existing unit can determine how expensive the repair will be.

A window air conditioner repair usually costs between $75 and $150. This is because window ACs have fewer parts and are, therefore cheaper to repair. However, certain types of AC repairs can cost a lot more than the average. Some of these include compressor problems, thermostat failures, blower problems, and other similar problems. Additionally, your window air conditioner may need to be readjusted if it’s not installed correctly.

Your AC repair technician will inspect the air filter, check the refrigerant levels, check the air condenser fan’s rotation, and examine the wiring, electronics, and safety controls. He will also explain the options available for fixing your system. Once he’s finished, he’ll recommend an appropriate course of action to fix the problem.

While air conditioners are usually designed to last a decade, they can have problems. A badly functioning air conditioner can cost a bundle to repair, so it’s worth the investment to prevent this from happening. A quality HVAC service will diagnose and fix the problems so that you can enjoy your home’s cooling comfort without the hassles of a faulty air conditioner.